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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Bedroom bundle-my girl wellness

Natural solutions for every womanhood woe.

Vetted & tested by world-renowned formulators to give your gut, hormones, skin, brain & "lady parts" the support you deserve.


Energy-My Girl Wellness




Gut Health





Meet Our Best Sellers

Sip Support-My Girl Wellness

Sip Support


Your (Post) Drinking Buddy

Spa Water-my girl wellness

Spa Water


Skin + Hydration Elixir

Busy Bee-my girl wellness

Busy Bee


Energy + Focus Elixir

you go girl-my girl wellness

In Sync


Hormone Balancing Elixir

Panty Dropper-my girl wellness

Panty Dropper

Your Sexytime Sidekick

Eat your heart out-my girl wellness

Eat Your Heart Out


Your Army of Food Enzymes

you go girl-my girl wellness

You Go Girl


Your Bowel's New BFF

glad you came-my girl wellness

Glad You Came


Your Post-Play Clean Up Crew

you go girl-my girl wellness

Bedroom bundle


A Sexy Pre & Post-Play Bundle

in the bag-my girl wellness

In The Bag

Your bag to hold everything

better belly system-my girl wellness

Better Belly System

Your 3 Steps to a Better Belly

gut goals-my girl wellness

Gut Goals

Your Probiotic Powerhouse

sip support-my girl wellness
Sip Support
Why your pleasure is out top priority-my girl wellnessMeet our elixirs
Why your pleasure is our top priority
Meet our elixirs

Find your perfect match.

Take our 2 min. quickie quiz to discover solutions for every one of your womanhood woes.  

Down load the free app-my girl wellness

A safe space for real girl talk.

Meet the My Girl Community app, a 100% female space with zero judgment where you can speak freely, share personal experiences, learn from experts, & connect about all the good, the bad, and the not so cute things that make us women…women.


Need to see it to believe it?
There’s no denying these gut game-changing results.


"It really works! EVERYTHING makes me bloated, so these have absolutely saved me. I don't know if I'll ever go a day without them again." 

- Claire D. on Eat Your Heart Out

"I have always struggled with constipation, but this has helped kick it to the curb for good! Will never go without this product again!"

- Sarah C. on You Go Girl

"This product has changed my life for the better and I don't think I'll ever stop."

- Lauren H. on The Better Belly System

"Seriously, with this I can eat whatever and I don’t pay for it! If I eat something that’s a little outside of my normal, or if I think I may feel bloated or just yuck…I take this, and I skip all of that!"

- Amanda P. on Eat Your Heart Out

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