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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Better Belly System
Better Belly System
Better Belly System
Better Belly System
Better Belly System
Better Belly System

Better Belly System

Your 3 Steps to a Better Well-Being


What it is:

A 3-step better belly system that fights off bad bacteria in the belly, beats food bloat, and gets things moving smoothly to keep your health in tip top shape.

Benefits For Your Bod:

My Girl Wellness Star

Replenishes good bacteria in the belly

My Girl Wellness Star

Boosts your immune system

My Girl Wellness Star

Speeds up the breakdown of food

My Girl Wellness Star

Eases bloat and discomfort

My Girl Wellness Star

Aids in proper nutrient absorption

My Girl Wellness Star

Supports healthy and regular bowel movements

My Girl Wellness Star

Relieves constipation

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how to take:

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gut goals how to take-my girl wellness

Gut Goals

2 capsules daily (preferably morning)

you go girl- how to take-my girl wellness

You Go Girl

2-3 capsules at bedtime with water

eat your heart out- how to take-my girl wellness

Eat Your Heart Out

One capsule, twice daily, before your two biggest meals


See Individual Product Pages

Better Together

Although each product stands strong on its own, we've created this 3 step system that works even better together.

This clean and simple process starts at the source with Gut Goals, creating the healthiest and most productive environment for digestion through a healthy belly rich in probiotics.

Next, your digestive enzymes in Eat Your Heart Out kick in to give you the most efficient and beneficial break down and absorption of foods.

Last but certainly not least, if it isn't serving you, it's gotta go! And buildup isn't comfortable or healthy, so supporting proper and regular movements with the herbal powerhouses in You Go Girl completes your perfect cycle of digestion.

And soon, you'll have even more pep in your step :)

Better together-bettery belly system-my girl wellness

Each Step Counts

gut goals-my girl wellness

Step 1: Gut Goals

Nourish your gut & boost your immune system

eat your heart out-my girl wellness

Step 2: Eat Your Heart Out

Speed up food digestion, rid your belly of bloat & increase nutrient absorption

You go girl-my girl wellness

Step 3: You Go Girl

Support healthy & regular bowel movements to flush your body of toxins and waste

Better belly syster-my girl wellness

My overnight results after taking Eat Your Heart Out with dinner and 3 You Go Girl's before bed!

Using these products as a 3 step system has been a total gut game changer for me. Within the first week, I noticed a significant difference in how my stomach felt - less heaviness, reduced bloating, increased energy, and more regular movements. Each product plays a specific role and work together seamlessly to create a happy environment to feel good from the inside out! I can't wait for you to experience them for yourself!

- Tayla,
Founder of My Girl Wellness