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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

My Girl FAQs

Are your products natural?

Yep, au naturale!

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Of course girl!

Are your products free of gluten, dairy & soy?

Yes, they are free of all major allergens

What do digestive enzymes do?

The enzymes we selected assist in the breakdown of all foods to help your body easily digest.

How are your formulas developed and created?

We are partnered with a 30 year industry veteran and award winning formulation specialists to have all hands on deck throughout the entire formulation process. My Girl brought the problems we wanted to solve to our formulation team who provided the most effective and clinically studied ingredients - together we developed & tested each product to proudly offer you the highest quality, transparent solutions we truly believe in.

Do your products contain any fillers?

We are proud to report our products are free of synthetic fillers. We chose to add Cellulose as a natural carrier to X as a way to enhance the productivity of the ingredients.

Why should I care about gut health?

Deemed our second brain, our gut deserves some spotlight attention for having a hand in just about every crucial role in our overall health. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, healthy heart, improved brain function and mood, healthy sleep pattern, and of course an effective digestion system.

What foods do digestive enzymes work on?

We have carefully chosen 14 powerful enzymes with clinical studies to break down all foods we consume on the daily. You can find the full list of enzymes and what they're responsibile for HERE.

Why "Eat Your Heart Out" vs. other enzymes?

The name says it all. We specifically chose the most powerful enzymes to take the discomfort and fear out of your food choices. We then took the formulation a step further by blending it with artichoke leaf extract (ALE) to efficiently expedite the food movement through your gut. Good riddance!

How many digestive enzymes should I take per meal?

We recommend taking 1 capsule per meal, but if you're expecting to feast, there's no harm in taking two!

What differences should I expect to notice when adding a digestive enzyme?

Everybody's tummy is different. Some notice decreased bloating, discomfort, and gas after the first use and others can take up to 1 week to notice these differences.

What differences should I expect to notice when adding in a probiotic?

A happy tummy

Can I take the probiotic on an empty stomach?

Yes, probiotics actually thrive when taken on an empty stomach when they are uninterrupted by food

Can I take the poop pill on an empty stomach?

Yes, this is a personal preference - it does not impact the efficacy of the product

Can I take the digestive enzymes on an empty stomach?

In order to breakdown food, enzymes should be taken with food. For best results, take your capsule at the beginning of a meal.

Can I take supplements when pregnant?

While our ingredients are historically considered "safe", we always recommend checking with your health care practioner before use.