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How to Support A Healthy Menstrual Cycle
· ·

How to Support A Healthy Menstrual Cycle

· ·

Hi My Girls! 

My name is Haley (@avoeats) and I am a menstrual coach & holistic nutritionist. I guide women in healing their periods, transitioning off birth control and also develop a deeper connection between their body and their cycle. 

Whether we like them or not, periods are a part of life so why not make the most of them? Here are my (3) tips to support us women have healthy and more pleasant menstrual cycles.  

TIP 1: Eat for your Menstrual Cycle Health!

  • Keep blood sugar stable by eating every 3-5 hours
  • Eat a balance of Carbs, Fat + Protein at every meal
  • Load up on mineral dense foods such as cruciferous greens, seaweed, kelp, cacao, lentils, high quality animal proteins + herbal infusions such as nettle, red raspberry leaf + Oat straw
  • Know that your metabolism changes throughout the cycle + that your appetite levels will be higher in the Luteal + Menstrual phases. This means you will need to eat more as you approach your period + begin your period! Honor your body + do no restrict during these times


TIP 2: Keep Stress levels low!

  • Nothing disrupts the cycle more than chronic stress. The body will always prioritize survival over reproduction!
  • One of the most common + overlooked reasons for irregular cycles, painful periods + even short cycles is chronic stress
  • Chronic stress can also be connected to over-exercise. If you are experiencing hormone imbalance one of the BEST thing you can do is change your workout to low impact + add in more walking, yin yoga + pilates
  • Create a stress management action plan that works for you. Incorporate deep breathing practices, meditation, gentle movement, yin yoga + self care practices that allow you to relax + drop into the body.


TIP 3: Listen to the messages of your body

  • Symptoms, especially hormone imbalance, are messages from the body. Listening to what these divine messages are can support you in seeing where your body is calling for more support
  • Note down energy levels, appetite, emotions, stress levels, mood & all symptoms you experience throughout your cycle. See if there are any patterns that you are able to notice. See if these symptoms are exacerbated by stress, travel or changes in your environment
  • By tuning into what the body is sharing with you, you can begin to create a dialogue + deeper understanding of what your body needs throughout the month.
  • This is also helpful information that you can bring forward to your Doctor, Naturopath, or Menstrual Cycle Coach in helping you see what is going on at a deeper level