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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Chill TF Out: a My Girl CBD Round-Up
· ·

Chill TF Out: a My Girl CBD Round-Up

· ·

Generally speaking, us women are wound up (and we have every reason to be!). We take care of everybody else; protecting our squad, helping solve others’ problems, providing empathy and sympathy wherever needed-- all the while hitting our own deadlines and putting out life’s little fires. Too often, we forget to take care of our own mental, emotional and physical wellness. While there is a larger problem to tackle here, we’ll start by offering a satisfyingly quick solution: CBD. Listen; My Girl HQ loves our CBD. We drink it, we eat it, we bathe in it; we pretty much douse every problem in it. For when life is chaotic, unpredictable, and sometimes just a bit too much, here’s a round-up of our cbd lifesavers to help us chill tf out on the daily. 

CBD Wellness Drink

Kirra Life (drink it!)

Cool your jets with this refreshing & calming tea, infused with 25mg of hemp extract that will take you to your happy place with every single sip. We love Kirra because they say f*ck plastic, and bottle all of their teas in sustainable glass packaging. The hardest part here might be choosing the flavor, but allow us to share the coveted My Girl fave: Lilikoi Guava. 



CBD Edibles Wellness Winged

Winged CBD (eat it!)

If you’re stressed out, overwhelmed, or even on the absolute verge of losing your sh*t, these CBD-infused gummies will come quickly to your rescue. Winged gummies are a non-drowsy (yet ultra-calming) formula created by women, for women to help us relax and unwind during our most challenging days. 

Treat yourself:

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CBD Wear It Undefined

Undefined Beauty (wear it!)

Did you know that CBD can help revitalize your skin? Undefined Beauty has a whole line of multi-purpose beauty products, designed to bring your “Me Time” to a whole new level. My Girl’s personal fave is the Glow Elixir Beauty Oil, which serves us best slathered all over our skin, post-bath or shower routine, for some overdue self-care right before bed. 

Bask in your own glow:


Ned (don’t bleed without it!)

My Girl thinks it’s time we reclaimed our time of the month. Ned believes natural processes deserve natural support, and we couldn’t agree more. Enter: CBD for periods. Ned’s ‘Natural Cycle’ line helps ease the pain of menstrual cramps, reduce the added stress that comes with our flow, and support healthy hormonal balance. 

For hormonal balance:

‘Natural Cycle’ must-haves:

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CBD Greens supplement

Liveli - CBD + Supergreens (supplement your diet with it!)

Daily greens, protein and a perfect dose of CBD? Sign. Us. Up. Liveli combines all of My Girl’s favorite things, giving us a vegan supplement without dairy, gluten or added sugar. Add a scoop of Liveli’s Supergreens to your fave smoothie, shake or meal for a safe + healthy mood (and diet!) boost.

Grab a pack, or subscribe and save:



Women are superheroes. Some days (or maybe all days!), we need a little extra support. Normalize asking for help, saying no more often, and a daily dose of CBD. Emotional wellness for the win!