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My Girl's Introductory Guide to Crystals
· ·

My Girl's Introductory Guide to Crystals

· ·

My Girl is all about being open, accepting and non-judgemental. It’s about seeing yourself and others for who they are, celebrating authenticity and individuality. It’s a place of support and caring. We understand that by listening to others, we might have the privilege of learning something new, that might help us later down the road. 

Today’s topic is healing crystals! You either care about crystals, or you don’t. We thought it would be fun to present a little intro on a few of our favorite stones, and potentially get a conversation going about the stereotypes surrounding this topic. 

If anything, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and are safest at home in isolation. Has there ever been a better time to explore new things? Let’s experiment with our own personal boundaries, push back against societal norms, and see if we can have some fun with it. 

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz

Understand it: The color gives it away–Rose Quartz is all about love. Rumor has it this lovely little guy helps restore trust and harmony (romantic, platonic or otherwise) while progressing closeness and connection. It also may provide a calming comfort in times of sadness or grief. 

Don’t get it twisted; rose quartz isn’t always about sharing. It also encourages love, respect, trust and worth within

Utilize it:  A pendant over your heart is deemed most powerful, but subtle jewelry or a little pocket piece is sufficient. 

To attract a romantic partner, place a pair of RQ crystals on your bedside table. 

A crystal under your mattress (aligned with your heart, when you sleep) is said to heal and open your heart. 

Maximize it: Charge your RQ crystal under the moonlight (best done on a full or new moon). 

To clean, soak your crystal in sea salt (3T salt per 1c water) for 12-24 hours. Or, smudge the stone with sage, palo santo or your smudge stick of choice. 

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline

Understand it: Pay attention to the inky vibes here–Black Tourmaline is a powerful source of protection. It absorbs bad energies, dark thoughts and anxiety to balance your base chakras and supply you with a deeply-rooted self-confidence (the one you’d have at your core if it weren’t for all the seemingly inescapable negative outside influence) that enables you to speak your truth and stay on your own path. 

When you’re feeling a certain lack of motivation, or finding it hard to celebrate or demonstrate your authenticity (a rift between you and your deeper sense of self!), break out the Black Tourmaline and let it ground you. 

Utilize it: For my fellow businesspeople: Black Tourmaline will help you make decisions based on need, not fear. Enjoy the success that that brings. Try placing a BT stone in each corner of your office (or bedroom, or wherever you put in the most work) to create a little grid of protection. 

Wear BT as jewelry for portable protection. Maximize your positive energy. Make that sh*t contagious. 

Sleep with a piece of BT under your pillow to clear out worries and get that blissful beauty sleep you may not have experienced since childhood. 

Maximize it: Back Tourmaline is a sponge for all things bad. Clean it regularly by soaking it in fresh, purified water. 24 hours should do the trick–let all that doubt swirl down the drain. 

Jasper Crystal


Understand it: Behold, Jasper, the “supreme nurturer.” Elite navigator of stress, Jasper supports you in fully (and calmly!) showing up–staring problems in their faces and approaching them bravely with quick-witted confidence. Jasper promotes balance, encourages honesty and stimulates imagination. It helps organize ideas into action, and re-energize when you need it most. 

Utilize it: Jasper comes in so many different colors and forms; a mere Google search away (sorry, we’ve got to keep this so-called introductory article moving). 

If you’re looking to attract love or enhance your marriage, keep a piece of Jasper in the most southwest corner of your home. 

Meditate with a piece of Jasper to maintain (or reset) a balance between confidence and arrogance.

Wear jasper as jewelry (best served in complete circles: rings, bracelets, necklaces and belts) to support relaxation, grounding, peacefulness and determination. 

Maximize it: Charge your Jasper with Reiki, cleanse it by running it under cold water for 3-5 minutes. 

Amethyst Crystal


Understand it: Our favorite purple stone, Amethyst is protective, healing and purifying. It brings humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom to the forefront, and is said to help encourage sobriety by easing the desire to overindulge. Because of its calm and clarifying properties, Amethyst may also be used as a sleep aid; providing clarity in your dreams and relieving its believer from insomnia. 

Utilize it: Wear Amethyst as jewelry (it works best pressed against your bare skin), or keep a worry stone in your pocket. 

Placed in the bedroom (ideally on the center of an altar), Amethyst will promote deep, soulful sleep.

In the office, Amethyst will help bring out creativity and innovative problem solving, ultimately reducing procrastination and building inspiration. 

Maximize it: To cleanse your Amethyst, use vocal toning. Hold it in your hands, take a deep breath and envision something that fills your soul with clear, pure energy. On your exhale, make a tonal sound that communicates this.  

Selenite Crystal


Understand it: Selenite is big on body detox. It reverses the effects of free radicals to promote healing and repair on a cellular level. Selenite can shield a person (or space) from outside influences, but it can also facilitate connections to one’s guides and guardians. You just gotta know how to use it. 

Selenite calms and soothes your soul, bringing forth peace, tranquility. The mental clarity that comes with such healing allows you to see the bigger picture, and problem solve more effectively. 

Utilize it: Place pieces of Selenite in each corner of a room or home to create a safe and peaceful space. 

Meditate with Selenite to help find access to past and future lives.

To cleanse your aura, wave a long piece of Selenite like a wand about five inches from your body, moving from your head down to your toes. Visualize your worries, stress and negativity being taken from you. 

Maximize it: Selenite is self-cleansing, and requires no charge. She’s low-maintenance! 

And there you have it; a quick intro on our five favorite healing stones. We’re only just touching the surface here, but it’s sort of fun to take out the power of our egos, and let higher powers do some driving. We know there’s a whole world of meditations and healing practices, and we’ve barely scratched the surface here, but we’d love to hear about your favorite resources on the topic! Hit our comment section below, let’s get this conversation started!