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1005 Langley St

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28 Day Self-Love Challenge

28 Day Self-Love Challenge


It's the month of good lovin' but that doesn't mean it has to be all about romantic date nights with your S.O. It's time you show some love to your #1 (YOU), because you deserve every last bit of it.

Join us for 28 days of quick & effective self-love challenges. It's the shortest month of the year, so let's make it count! Ready, set...go show yourself some <3

28 Day Self Love Challenge 

Feb. 1: Buy yourself flowers

Feb. 2: Go for a walk on your lunch break

Feb. 3: Revisit a childhood hobby

Feb. 4: Make a playlist of all your favorite songs

Feb. 5: Have a breakfast date with yourself (eat that croissant!)

Feb. 6: Watch your favorite movie

Feb. 7: Dress up in an outfit that makes you feel good

Feb. 8: Stretch for 5 mins this AM

Feb. 9: Buy your favorite coffee from a cafe

Feb. 10: Facetime someone that makes you laugh

Feb. 11: Revisit any old messages that complimented you or made you feel powerful

Feb. 12: Treat yourself to a massage

Feb. 13: Stay in & order a yummy meal

Feb. 14: Spend 1:1 time with someone that brings you joy

Feb. 15: Sit in silence for 3 mins and just breathe

Feb. 16: Start a new TV series that looked interesting

Feb. 17: Wake up 30 minutes earlier & do something that fuels you

Feb. 18: Have a cooking night with friends

Feb. 19: Try a workout class you've never done before

Feb. 20: Say 5 things you love about yourself out loud

Feb. 21: Plan an entire day for yourself

Feb. 22: Go on a walk with your favorite music

Feb. 23: Give yourself an at-home facial

Feb. 24: Write a letter to your future self

Feb. 25: Light incense & listen to a meditation

Feb. 26: Bake a dessert

Feb. 27: Say no to something that doesn't serve you

Feb. 28: Take a bubble bath

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