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My Girl Crush: Divya Robin

My Girl Crush: Divya Robin


The holidays are right around the corner and I think we can all agree that while our cals fill up with fun festive get-togethers like Friendsgiving feasts and Secret Santa potlucks, the holidays can also bring up some of that not-so-talked-about “stuff” that tests our mental health. To get in the best holiday headspace, we chatted with therapist, anxiety and trauma expert, and mental health advocate Divya Robin of @mindmatterswithdiv.

My Girl: You are a therapist, mental health advocate, and anxiety and trauma expert. What does “prioritizing mental health” mean to you? And as someone who has dedicated their life to helping others, what practices do you personally have in place to support your mental wellbeing?

Divya: Prioritizing mental health is a lifestyle, just like taking care of your physical health is. Similar to how people incorporate movement, fitness, and healthy eating to their daily routine - I incorporate moments for mindfulness, building deep connections with those around me, and actively working to understand my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (therapy is amazing for this!) 

My Girl: I’m guessing you get very busy around the holidays! As we all begin to plan trips back home to visit family and old friends, there’s a lot that can come up and test our mental health. How would you recommend we set boundaries that allow us to protect our headspace and enjoy time with those we love?

Divya: Oh my gosh yes - the holidays bring up SO much emotions. Many of us put off these emotions during the year as we stay busy with our routines - but when it comes time to slow down, go back home, and spend time with our roots during the holidays, it can be emotionally dysregulating.  Boundaries are absolutely essential in protecting your energy, emotions, and honoring your limits. First, before you enter the holiday craziness, recognize what your boundaries are. Once you have awareness of these boundaries, think of realistic ways you can ensure that those boundaries can be met. Remember, when setting boundaries - you may not make everyone happy, but that’s not the goal. The goal is prioritizing your peace so that you can protect your well-being. 

My Girl: As the age-old saying goes, communication is key–and that couldn’t be more true around the holidays when things tend to be chaotic & so many personalities & opinions are highlighted. What are your top tips for effective communication when tensions could run high?

Divya: Set clear boundaries and limits with people about what topics you feel comfortable talking about, and what you don’t. If someone asks you about your relationship status, politics, or other topics you don’t feel comfortable sharing, you can simply state “I appreciate your curiosity, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about that now”. You are not required to engage in conversations that are uncomfortable for you, especially if someone is crossing boundaries.

My Girl: Okay, we know you love the Better Belly System! But if you could only pick one My Girl product to take with you on any holiday travel you may have planned (I know, tragic!), which would it be and why? 

Divya: Eat Your Heart Out! The holidays come with lots of eating out, and because I’m not home cooking all my meals, I don’t know what goes into them. At times, a meal may contain foods that are typically difficult for me to digest, but with Eat Your Heart Out’s unique blend of digestive enzymes, it ensures my body breaks down all the foods! 

My Girl: Now, for more about Divya! What lights you up inside?

Divya: When people come together to do good in the world! I really believe that through meaningful connection and empathy we can make the world 100x a better place. Oh, and also cuddles with my mini goldendoodle pup :) 

My Girl: What’s a quote that has stuck with you?

Divya: Maya Angelou - “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

My Girl: In your expert opinion, what is the most underrated mental health hack? Any overrated ones you want to call out?

Divya: The most underrated mental health hack - to go back to the basics … sleep, diet, and exercise! If you aren’t feeling mentally your best, chances are that you aren’t doing well in one of these core areas of well-being. Take steps to improve these three, as mental health and physical health are incredibly connected (lots of research to back this up!) 

My Girl: Name a few women in the mental health space that add value to your life (a.k.a. who should we all be following)?

Divya: Some of my other favorite therapists in the IG space that people should definitely give a follow…

@minaa_b,, @your.being, @thebraincoach

My Girl: How can women in the My Girl community, who need more one-on-one help managing their mental health, work with you?

Divya: If you live in NY or NJ, I can work with you on a 1:1 basis for psychotherapy sessions. I also offer a subscription on my Instagram page where subscribers have access to 2 monthly wellness workshops, 2 ebooks, and other exclusive content. Also subscribing to my newsletter!

Want more of Divya’s expert tips and tricks? Head to her IG and check out her E-book on Effective Emotion Regulation!