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5 Ways to Shift Your Energy
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5 Ways to Shift Your Energy

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Hi My Girls!

My name is Jamie Cagan and I am an Intuitive Life Coach that specializes in empowering women to know that the answers they seek are all inside of them! I am also an energy healer that believes energy work, intuition, and mindset shifts are key in unlocking true happiness from within. 

To dive a little deeper, energy is in EVERYTHING. Our universe and all of our surroundings has some level of energy. We are FULL of energy and it impacts us more than we know. It is important to check in with ourselves and our level of vibration. When we are vibrating at a low level of energy we may feel a heavy weight mentally, physically, and emotionally. When we shift our energy to a higher level, this weight completely lifts and we are left feeling so much lighter with a newfound positive and inspired outlook on life. 

Here are 5 ways that help me shift my energy - I hope they can help you too! 

 shift your energy dance party

1. Did Someone say DANCE party?!

We all know that workout classes can make us feel better and stronger...but when is the last time you let your body move freely? Our bodies are very intelligent and when we release our need to be perfect and allow our bodies to lead us we are able to process, move, and create energy within us. Music also carries a certain vibration/frequency which can help shift ours. So turn on your favorite playlist and shake what your dear beautiful mother genetically passed down to you!


2. Time to get GROUNDED.

You don’t have to become an always barefoot, plant based, tree hugging hippie but I am here to tell you, there is a method to their madness! The earth gives off negative ions that help heal us and balance out our energy. We are not designed to wear shoes, walk on concrete, live in boxes with artificial lighting, and eat processed food. So get outside daily, lay on the ground as much as possible, and eat things straight from the earth. If you don’t have this luxury...close your eyes and visualize yourself in nature and feel that you are a tree growing roots deep into the earth and trick your mind into thinking you are outside.

 shift your energy salt bath

3. Don’t be SALTY...or do.

Splish, Splash it’s time to take a salt bath. Yes salt baths will help your sore muscles but they will also help cleanse your energy. Just like a bath cleans you physically, imagine your energy and aura being cleaned up as well. Salt helps pull out lower vibrational energy to leave you feeling like yourself again. If you don’t have a bath take a shower and use a salt scrub. Visualize that every drop of water is high vibrational light that cleanses you and fills you up. Our favorite salty scrub is Calm by Herbivore you can find here.


4. BURN baby BURN.

After a long day of work or spending time with your most triggering family member, it’s a good idea to burn some Sage or Palo Santo. These tools are known to purify the air, remove negative vibrations, ground your energy, and cleanse your space. Light one side and then use the smoke as a cleansing tool as you walk around your home and move it around your body. Make sure to get corners, doorways, and even the soles of your feet. Ask that all low vibrations be cleared, deleted, and uncreated from you and your space.

5. Out with the OLD...

Some say our external reality is a direct reflection of our internal state. So if you are feeling off it’s likely you haven’t cleaned out that junk drawer in a while. A great way to shift your mood is by cleaning out and updating your space. Energetically if you release and let go of something it makes space for all the new amazing things trying to flow into your life. You can binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and then choose the one area you avoid the most. After you let go add some things like crystals, positive quotes, or inspiring art to make your space feel better.

shift your energy journal

BONUS PRACTICE: Check in with yourself

Emotions are just energy in motion so if you are feeling off sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to feel it fully. We have been taught to shove our emotions down so it’s time to let them process. You can talk to a coach or a therapist or you can try doing this practice on your own…

Find a safe space. Light a candle and grab your crystals, a journal and a pen. Play some relaxing music and start by setting an intention to release what is no longer serving you. Now bring your full attention to what is coming up for you. 

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Where do you feel it in your body? Does it have a shape, color, or texture? Can you guess at which age you first felt this feeling? Do certain people or memories pop up? Are there other places you feel it in your body?

Breathe and allow the emotion to get bigger and louder. Your feelings are valid.

Now take out your journal and allow the emotions to move through your pen onto the paper. Write anything and everything you feel and want to say...even if it doesn’t make sense. You can even scribble. Just keep writing continuously for at least 15 mins. This will allow time for deeper things to come up and out. Be super honest and give your feelings a voice. Once again let it be messy, let it flow, let it come up and out. 

After you feel that you have released it all you can either burn the paper, drown the paper in water, or rip it up and throw it outside in a trash far away from you. This will help transmute the energy you just released.

Now state out loud 3 times...“even though I am experiencing (your feeling)… I completely and fully love and accept myself”

Last but not least write down what you want to create from this moment forward. 

What would you like to happen? How do you want to feel? What would you like to replace that energy with?

Take a few minutes to write your dreams, goals, and visions down and then sit and visualize them like you are already experiencing it. Bring in some gratitude for things you already have and the things you will have. Feel it in every cell of your being. 

Give yourself a hug and thank yourself for taking time to do this exercise.


Jamie Cagan

 Jamie Cagan

5 ways to shift your energy