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Intimate Health Products: Ingredient Naughty & Nice List

Intimate Health Products: Ingredient Naughty & Nice List


I think we can all agree that when it comes to “doing the dirty”, we want the sexual health products we bring into the bedroom to be clean–and with so many options out there, making sure you’re only putting the good stuff down there can be a bigger struggle than it should be. 

Adding sexual health products into the mix, whether that’s a lubricant, sensation serum or massage oil can really elevate your bedroom game so we want to make sure you’re doing it right to avoid those not-safe-for-sexytime ingredients. 

Let’s get the no-no’s out of the way first.

Here are 5 ingredients to avoid in your sexual health products:

  1. Glycerin: You’ll see this sneaky one a lot, so look out (even in products brands tout as “clean”)! Although common in many lubricants, glycerin can increase incidence of candida, which can cause yeast infections and other vaginal irritation (ick!). So our advice: best to steer clear. There are plenty of glycerin-free products out there–like Panty Dropper, a sensation serum formulated to enhance clitoral pleasure & intensify climax (without the yucky fillers). 
  2. Parabens: Sure, these pesky preservatives may make your products last longer, but at what cost? Parabens are up to no good when it comes to your hormones, and can even mimic the effects of estrogen in your body. They’ve also been linked to higher risks of cancer so you can trust us on this one–your lady parts (and your partner) will thank you for keeping it au naturel.
  3. Artificial flavors and colors: Let’s leave the artificial flavors and colors to the indulgent movie theater candy snack, k? You deserve better than a cocktail of fake chemicals that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other not-so-sexy surprises. Just stick with the real deal. 
  4. Nonoxynol-9: A popular spermicide back in the day, Nonoxynol-9 is officially old news. Known to cause some serious irritation “down there”, it can even damage your vaginal walls during intercourse, making it easier for those pesky STDs to sneak their way into your bloodstream. Needless to say, skip anything containing Nonoxynol-9.
  5. Propylene Glycol: This one goes out to all of our ladies with sensitive skin. With the potential to cause rashes and other allergic reactions, Propylene Glycol is a big time buzzkill. Let’s pass on this one too, shall we?

Okay now for the fun part: finding sexual health products that check all the boxes! Here are 3 things you absolutely should look for in your intimacy essentials.

  1. Water-based ingredients: Water-based ingredients (think: aloe vera or hyaluronic acid) are gentle, hydrating and can even mimic natural vaginal moisture. But that’s not all–water-based ingredients can also reduce irritation and fight infection. So yes, water-based ingredients get our stamp of approval. 
  2. Organic or natural ingredients: Organic or natural ingredients, like coconut oil or shea butter, are also moisturizing and nourishing (big yes from us). They are also known to be more gentle on sensitive skin (and uh, yeah, we’re sensitive down there) and can help reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. Another big fat “yes” from us!
  3. Food-grade ingredients: As you probably inferred, food grade ingredients are safe enough to put in your mouth (a nice perk if we do say so ourselves). They're also gentle enough for your delicate bits down there and are free of all the icky fillers that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other unwanted surprises! Look out for products that tout food grade ingredients, like Panty Dropper sensation serum – because if a little gets in your mouth…no sweat! The more areas the merrier, just steer clear of your eyes.

Now that you have your naughty and nice list, check the labels on products before purchasing them to make sure they don’t include any of the no-no’s we’ve shared above and that they check all the boxes on our “good list”. Your private parts are your prized possession, so keep looking until you’re clear of harmful ingredients that may cause irritation or allergic reactions down there.

Ready to give a new product a try? Don't be afraid to experiment with different products to find what works best for you and your partner. Not sure if you’re extra sensitive? Test out a bit of the product on your hand (before going “down there”) to make sure your bod is agreeing with it. 

Now that was a lot of info, we get it. Finding brands that align with these do’s and dont’s, like My Girl Wellness, is an easy way to ensure that anything they put out there is a-okay in your book. 

So there you have it, babe. You deserve to play carefree, and we hope this helps you bring only the very best to your bedroom.

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